Poems For All Edinburgh poetry

Poetry Scattered Like Seed

Look out for issues of The Edinburgh Inch from publisher Richard Hanson of the Poems For All Project!

Since 2001, Richard has published not just poetry, but in this fashion, and generally in small stapled booklets, more than 1,000 poems have been published. Love poems. Beat poems. Bukowski wanna-be poems. Prose poems. Haiku. Concrete. Nature poems. Manifestos (little ones). Songs. Art. Graphic novels. Short stories. It has always been a pleasant surprise to discover just what can fit under such tiny covers.

Based in California, Poems-For-All has also taken root in Scotland. Richard has been scattering little books of poetry for the last several years during the St. Andrews International Poetry Festival (StAnza) and at other events and locations throughout the country.

Scottish writers, please note, that Richard also welcomes submissions from poets who would like to be part of his sma buiks, wee poems effort in Scotland.

In Scotland, Poems for All are available where you may find them. Contribuotrs like Ross Wilson, Stuart A. Paterson, Joseph Ridgwell, they'll have some copies.

The series we are looking at in particular is called The Edinburgh Inch. It's actually a little larger than an inch, but many of our favourite poets have already been featured in this free and friendly manner.

Poems For All has also published little books of poetry published featuring poems in Scots dialect, Gaelic, and Shetlandic. Poets include: Robert Burns, Maoilios Caimbeul, Ken Cockburn, Christine de Luca, William Hershaw, Eleanor Livingstone, Norman MacCaig, Edwin Morgan and Zoe Venditozzi.