The Word Bank is a publishing, literacy and writers’ project with a distinctive community focus.


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The Word Bank is involved in publishing, writing, book production, writing programmes and literacy; communal meeting, exhibition, rehearsal and performance space; and a base for a range of community activities including publishing, local history, arts and cultural heritage projects.

The Word Bank's current project is The Evergreen.

All current volumes of The Evergreen are available at the Scottish Design Exchange.


The Evergreen

Inspired by the work of Allan Ramsay and Patrick Geddes, The Evergreen is a four-part anthology of poetry, prose and visual from Edinburgh’s Old Town which seeks the civic and cultural revival of the places in which we live.

The idea behind The Evergreen can be described simply: if you connect the people to the place in which they live - its history, natural environment, and culture - you encourage them to become more active and responsible citizens.

Knowledge of our shared heritage combined with an uncluttered view of the current life of the place, helps us take part in shaping its future, and building a community of active, enterprising residents.


the word bank evergreen


From its home in Edinburgh's Old Town, The Evergreen anthology, in the tradition of Patrick Geddes, seeks 'to enter the spirit of our city, its historic essence and continuous life... its civic character, its collective soul’.

The Evergreen anthology challenges the established views that dominate public debate about placemaking, stimulating new ideas in the arts and sciences towards a new vision, new ways of doing things, new levels of community action and civic involvement.